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Thursday, 10 January 2013

The beginning...

My friend Hannah says that I have 'only child syndrome'.  Initially I was very offended by this, until she explained that she means I am able to entertain and amuse myself with very simple things for very long periods of time.  I think this will become one of those things.

When I was at school I wasn't particularly good at art and didn't really see myself as a creative person.  I have always made things because I enjoy doing it and I love prettiness.  As I got older more and more people would comment on my creations, whether it was an outfit I had thrown together, i cake I had made, a game to play with children or some accessory.  I began to realise I do have quite a strong creative streak (if not the skills to support it).

However working life and socialising encroach on my creative time and I have not been doing so much lately.  My Pinterest boards are overflowing with things I haven't even attempted to make.  However my wonderful friend Jo sent me a pair of fancy pants to make and it has reignited my passion.

I am determined to make the things I pin, and thought I could keep records of them to share.  I'm usually a bit of an experimenter when making things so I may struggle to show you all the stages, but I shall try!

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